6 Tech Tools to Stop Using in 2023

6 Tech Tools Past Their Due Date in 2023 (1)

Technology is ever-changing. As new products emerge or innovations offer improvements on older ones, it’s no wonder many become obsolete or unusable. It’s hard to know which tech tools to stop using to enable your organization’s digital transformation.

What may have been a popular tech tool in the past may now be vulnerable to cyberattacks or could slow down your system. Some may even lose their support entirely, meaning they won’t function in time.

And with an upcoming new year, it’s important to focus on the software that will work for you. Read ahead to find out which tech tools to stop using in 2023, and why.

Oracle 18c Database

A database released in 2018, Oracle 18c has already been made obsolete. In 2021, Oracle announced that their 18c version would enter end-of-life and no longer receive support. Oracle 19c is the newest version with more features, many of which are improvements upon the original. As a result, it’s the more current and up-to-date version of the Oracle database. Using Oracle 18c in 2023 means you’re going to be a few steps behind others who have upgraded to the 19c and will be unable to receive proper support for this system.

Adobe Flash

For years, Adobe Flash was the standard for creating animation and interactive content on the web. However, times have changed, and now there’s no need for Flash. Since Flash is a proprietary format that can only be played on certain devices and browsers, it’s not accessible to everyone. 

Plus, Flash isn’t well-suited for mobile devices. It’s resource-intensive and battery-draining, making it incompatible with touch screens. Furthermore, its lack of security makes it vulnerable and the target of malware attacks. Nowadays, there are better, more accessible, and more secure alternatives available.

Internet Explorer

These days, it seems like everyone is using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Even Microsoft has migrated away from Internet Explorer, replacing it with their new browser Edge. So what happened? Well, it became outdated. 

When it was first released in 1995, it was a cutting-edge browser that offered several features that competitors didn’t. However, over the years, others have overtaken in terms of speed, security and support for new web standards. So, if you’re still using this browser, it’s time to make the switch to a more modern one.

macOS 10.14 Mojave and Earlier

With the release of macOS Ventura within the last few months, macOS Mojave has become an outmoded technology. Apple has slowly been transitioning away from Intel for years now and making the switch to its custom processor architecture. Apple processors are much more power-efficient, which means better battery life. 

Additionally, their processors are faster and more powerful than Intel CPUs, especially for graphics processing. Since Apple has more control over its hardware, it can better optimize software and provide a more seamless experience for users. Though Ventura is the latest, your system should run well on systems past 10.14, such as Catalina and Big Sur.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Most IT professionals have worked with Microsoft SQL Server, a popular database management system. However, the latest version of SQL Server, SQL Server 2014, is now considered to be obsolete. It’s no longer supported by Microsoft, meaning security vulnerabilities won’t be fixed, and users lose access to new features or updates. 

This server also isn’t compatible with the latest versions of Windows or .NET, and as a result, it can’t take advantage of the latest advances in these platforms. Lastly, Microsoft SQL doesn’t support in-memory databases or indexes, making it less powerful and less efficient compared to its competitors.

Windows 7 and Earlier

Windows 7 and earlier versions of the Windows operating system have been ineffective since early 2020 when Microsoft ended support for these products. Simply put, there won’t be any more security updates or technical support available for them. 

Since Windows 7 was released over 10 years ago and is based on an older technology platform that isn’t as efficient or secure as newer versions, Microsoft has also been wanting users to upgrade to its newer operating system, Windows 10. By ending support for Windows 7, Microsoft hopes to focus its resources on supporting a smaller number of products.

Questions on Which Tech Tools to Stop Using in 2023?

One of the great things about technology is also one of its difficulties: its ever-evolving nature. Since improvements are constantly cropping up, it can be hard to stay up to date. Going into the new year with the most current solutions will ensure you won’t be left behind. Schedule an IT consultation with Intrust IT to explore tech tools and IT support that will set your business up for success.

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