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Office 365 to Microsoft 365 (1)

Office 365 to Microsoft 365 Name Change

By Intrust Man | July 27, 2023

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely because you, like many other people, are wondering why Microsoft changed the name Office 365 to Microsoft 365. As humans, we’re naturally wired…

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Reduce cloud costs

How to Reduce Cloud Costs

By Intrust Man | July 13, 2023

So, you’ve taken the plunge and moved your resources to the cloud to take advantage of scalable resources and the pay-as-you-go model.  While cloud platforms and services can bring your…

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Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace: 2023 Update

By Chaim Black | July 4, 2023

Who wins the Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace smackdown in 2023? Like many other decisions, the answer depends on a variety of factors. Between the size of your organization, the…

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Microsoft Teams New Features

Microsoft Teams New Features

By Intrust Man | June 1, 2023

In our post-pandemic world, virtual conferencing has become the norm, and so has working in a hybrid environment. You’re likely wondering about all the Microsoft Teams new features and other…

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Cloud Organization Tips

8 Best Cloud Organization Tips (And Why You Should Use Them)

By Intrust Man | February 2, 2023

The cloud makes it easy to share, store and manage files, but without routine maintenance, it can become messier than a department store on Black Friday. As a managed service…

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Holidays With Remote Teams

5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Remote Teams

By Intrust Man | November 17, 2022

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time of year to show your appreciation for your virtual or hybrid teams. All it  takes is some creativity and…

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Cloud Computing Trends For Business

Four Cloud Computing Trends You’ll Love

By Josh Rees | October 13, 2022

Here at Intrust IT,  we keep a sharp eye on all IT trends including the widely used area of cloud computing: business cloud storage. It isn’t as showy as software,…

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Shared Responsibility Model MS 365 Security

The Shared Responsibility Model & Microsoft 365

By Intrust Man | September 22, 2022

The shared responsibility model. You may have heard of it, but do you know what it is or what it means for your business? Before we jump in, there are…

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Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace: Which Is Right For Your Organization?

By Chaim Black | September 15, 2022

Who wins the Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace smackdown? Like many other decisions, the answer depends …  on the size of your organization, the type of industry, budget and, of…

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Avoid These Cloud Migration Nightmares

Cloud Migration Nightmares and Tips

By Josh Rees | May 12, 2022

By now you know that migrating to the cloud is an absolute necessity for both large and small companies for better mobility and collaboration and business resilience. But you need…

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