What is multi factor authentication vs 2 factor authentication?

multi factor authentication vs 2fa FAQ graphic

Many times multi factor authentication (MFA) and two factor authentication (2FA) are used interchangeably. But they are actually different. Both authenticate that you are who you say you are, but 2fa requires specifically two forms of authentication while MFA requires two or more. So all 2FA is MFA but not all MFA is 2FA.If you’re…

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How do I find top managed IT services providers?

managed IT service providers FAQ graphic

Managed IT service providers come in all shapes and sizes, from large national firms to the “guy in garage.” Finding one won’t be a problem. Choosing the right managed service provider to partner with for your business might take a little time. Whether you are looking in Cincinnati, in Dayton or anywhere in the U.S.,…

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Do I need cyber security assessment services?

cyber security assessment services FAQ graphic

Cyber security assessment services can refer to any number of tests performed to determine and address your cyber security risks. Which assessments you need for your business depends on your type of business, the size of your company and your risk tolerance. However, every business should conduct some level of cyber risk assessment. The most…

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What are co-managed IT services (also called hybrid IT services)?

co-managed IT services FAQ graphic

Co-managed IT services, sometimes called hybrid IT services, involves keeping an IT staff in-house but also supplementing those internal resources with services from a managed service provider (MSP). If your business is large enough to maintain an in-house IT team, co-managed services can be the best of both worlds: You decide how much you want…

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Are there cloud computing benefits for small business?

cloud computing benefits for small business FAQ graphic

There are many cloud computing benefits for small business, including: Better manageability. Cloud computing adds flexibility by expanding your technological infrastructure resources as it is needed. How much data storage will you need in the next year? From how many locations will you need to access that data? With cloud solutions, you don’t need to…

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What is a cyber security managed service provider?

cyber security managed service provider FAQ graphic

A cyber security managed service provider is also called a managed cybersecurity provider or MSSP. They differ from a CSSP because the security services are provided as part of end-to-end IT coverage, including: Making sure your infrastructure is secure by assessing for risks/gaps and identifying other vulnerabilities. Closing any gaps and providing recommendations to implement…

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What are cyber security services providers?

cyber security services providers FAQ graphic

Companies that offer cyber security to other businesses as a service are cyber security services providers. Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) also refers to a set of specific certifications issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) to designate certain levels of knowledge and experience. When the acronym is used (CSSP) it is usually referring to the…

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What is a cloud managed service provider?

cloud service providers FAQ graphic

Cloud service providers are third-party companies that offer cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application and storage services. These providers are kind of like utility companies where you pay for the services you use, in this case cloud services. A cloud managed service provider bundles cloud services into a managed service agreement, meaning you are not just buying…

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What is a managed service provider?

managed service providers FAQ graphic

Managed service providers (MSP) supports your company’s network, infrastructure and other technology needs for a flat rate monthly fee. It’s “managed” because the MSP proactively works to keep your network up and running without interruption. That means they’re not just fixing what breaks, but partnering with you to get the most productivity out of your…

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