What Does an IT Support Company Do?

What Does an IT Support Company Do?

At Intrust IT, we understand that navigating the world of IT support can be overwhelming with all the technical jargon. You’re probably wondering, “What does an IT support company do?” Whether you hear “managed service provider” or “IT support company,” the core service remains the same: ensuring a stable, secure and productive  IT office environment to achieve your business objectives.

Let’s be honest: Managing your business IT alone or with a small in-house team can be challenging. That’s where an experienced and reliable IT support services company like Intrust IT makes things simple, enabling you to focus on your core competency to drive business outcomes.

Network and Infrastructure IT Support Services

When you partner with an IT support company, they efficiently and effectively proactively manage all your technology assets. This means they monitor and protect all your endpoints (devices, computers) and infrastructure (servers). The best IT providers go the extra mile with proactive 24/7/365 monitoring and patch management to prevent real-time cybersecurity attacks via a security operations center.

At Intrust IT, we can guide you through every step with our strategic business reviews (SBRs) to review your technology strategy, investment roadmap and industry trends, as well as our responsiveness, which ensures that technology is an asset to achieve your financial goals.

Data Backup IT Support Services

A crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and thriving business is having a solid data backup and recovery plan for unexpected events, including ransomware compromises. Proactive prevention and a seamless disaster recovery plan, are the keys to long-term business resilience. 

A reputable IT support services company will help you develop a plan that ensures all your data is backed up with redundancies so you don’t rely solely on a single copy in one place.

The real value of this approach becomes evident during natural disasters. If all your data and backups are in one location that suffers damage from a flood, hurricane or fire, recovering your data becomes daunting. 

With redundant cloud-based backups, you can recover your data swiftly and securely.

Cyber Security IT Support Services

You might still be asking “what does an IT support company do?” Consider this: Our IT support services aren’t just concerned with natural disasters; we also protect your business against criminal threats like malicious viruses, hacking, ransomware and other cyber threats. A reputable IT support services company will shield you from known dangers and keep an eye out for emerging ones.

It’s a common misconception that cybercriminals only target large businesses. In reality, smaller companies and organizations can become prime targets, especially if they neglect their cyber security

Think of it as a car thief choosing between a sports car with high rewards and a minivan with unlocked doors: They might go after the easier target.

Want to learn more about protecting your business from cybercrime? Check out our free cyber security ebook.

What Does an IT Support Company Do? Next Steps

By partnering with Intrust, you significantly reduce the likelihood of being a cybercrime victim. Our IT experts implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect your data. We also rely on backup plans and redundancies in case any barriers are compromised. 

While you may still face potential ransom or breach, you won’t lose all your data and will be able to bounce back quickly. So, if you’re searching for an IT support company to make your business life easier and help it grow, consider partnering with Intrust. Contact us or book a meeting for a quick consultation, and let’s secure your business’s technological future together.

David Owen - Intrust IT

David Owens

David Owens is hyper-focused on his clients’ needs. With over 25 years of business development and marketing experience, he knows what it means to deliver exceptional customer service. He strives for 100% client satisfaction and is an advocate for achieving their business objectives.

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