Matanbuchus Malware Uses Google Drive Link in Phishing Attack

Matanbuchus Malware Attack Uses Google Drive

Matanbuchus Malware Uses Google Drive Link in Phishing Attack You’ve probably never heard of Matanbuchus malware but you need to know about it and how it is using Google Drive and other legitimate infrastures to worm its way into your network. This cyber security risk first surfaced in February 2021, but recently, a cyber criminal…

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Insider Threat Indicators and Prevention Tips

Insider Threat Indicators and Prevention

We often think of cyber threats as coming from outside our company, or even from other countries — and that is often the case. However, there is another threat closer to home that many businesses ignore: threats from within their organizations. Known as insider threats, these can occur for many reasons. In today’s increasingly digital…

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MDRs Fill A Void Left by MSSPs

MDRs and MSSPs

You know cyber security is critical for your business, but just in case the alphabet soup of technology acronyms (like MDRs and MSSPs) is making your head swim, here’s a quick runthrough: Not all MSPs are MSSPs and though some provide MDR ( managed detection and response), most do not do it well, if at…

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Cyber Attacks Are Rising, New Cyber Security Legislation

Cyber Attacks Rising

The latest statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) demonstrate that no industry is exempt from cyber attacks which are increasing in frequency and impact. Per the FBI, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks surpassed $43 billion globally and are rising. These losses, which the FBI calls “exposed losses,” include both actual and attempted losses…

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Why You Need 24/7 Endpoint Monitoring

24/7 Endpoint Monitoring

Criminals are working around the clock. Your security  monitoring should, too. Cyber attacks most commonly take place during hours of the day when systems are not always being monitored: holidays, weekends and overnight. That’s why it’s important to have 24/7 endpoint monitoring so that you’re covered, from your networks and servers all the way down…

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Download the Ransomware Response Checklist 2022

Ransomware Response Checklist Download 2022

Would you know what to do if you fell victim to a ransomware attack? Download this free printable checklist. The Ransomware Response Checklist covers: Rapid response measures Analysis-based measures Business continuity measures Preventing future attacks And more! This simple one-pager is a great resource for the office. Print it and post it in a common…

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Social Media Security: If You Connect, Protect IT

social media security image

So many of us connect to social media these days. Whether it’s to see photos of kids or grandkids who live on the other side of the country or it’s because we like to keep a pulse on health hints or even the latest jokes. But you might also be putting your cyber security at…

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Cyber Trend Alert: Credential Stuffing and Credential Theft

Combat Credential Stuffing and Credential Theft

Cyber attacks are nothing new but unfortunately they’ve been growing at 450 percent since 2019. There are many types of these cyber attacks, but the most frequently successful ones are caused by stolen credentials, aka credential stuffing. The Colonial Pipeline breach was caused by credential stuffing. Learning the tools for combating these types of attacks…

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Cloud Security Trends on the Rise: What They Mean for Your Business in 2022

Cloud Security Trends Business Implications 2022

As the world of technology evolves, so do cloud-based computing systems and cloud security trends. There was once a time when businesses scoffed at the thought of storing company information on something they couldn’t physically see or touch, but what about now?   The unbelievable expansion and widespread availability of cloud solutions have pushed virtually every…

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Why You Need Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Next Gen AV

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

You know by now that your cyber security comes down to far more than your antivirus (AV) software. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay up to date on the best AV solutions for business. Unless you are using the next generation antivirus: endpoint detection and response (EDR), aka endpoint threat detection and response, you’re…

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