3-Minute Cyber Security Makeover Course

Three videos to help you save time, headaches and money with everyday cyber safety tips that are easy to implement.

Watch each video and make simple, everyday changes that will help reduce your risks of hacks, breaches and cyber attacks.

P is for Passwords

5 things you can do today to keep your company safe

I is for Insurance and Investments

3 easy things you can do to reduce your risk

E is for Employees

4 ways employees can keep your company safe

Are you asking yourself these questions?

If your people don’t know the basics, you will be hacked.

Is my business vulnerable?

Are my employees aware enough about threats?

Am I doing something that will cost me my job or my business?


Learn simple tips that you can implement today when you get FREE access to the 3-minute cyber security makeover.

How much can you afford to lose in a cyber scam?

What could you learn in 3 minutes that could save you thousands of dollars and keep your team safer?

You will be empowered to help your team stay safe with what you learn in this cyber security course.

Your Guides

The 3-minute cyber security course is taught by three leading IT professionals from Intrust IT.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Easy ideas for keeping passwords secure

How to know if your cyber insurance is worthless

Why your employees are your weakest link and what to do about it

Looking for other Cyber Security Cincinnati resources?

Custom-designed cyber security solutions (with no long-term contracts) from Intrust IT include:
  1. Threat detection: Protect yourself from hackers and online predators
  2. Liability assessment: Our experts find weak spots in your network and fix them accordingly
  3. Anti-virus strategies: Protect your company from viruses, spyware and malware
  4. User education: Your users are your biggest security vulnerability. We train them and test them to be “human firewalls” to protect your company