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Get Your Free Cyber Security Score

Your business. Your cyber security score.


Just like a personal credit score, your company's cyber security score can be used by others to rate your company's stability based on how secure it is. It could be your bank, your insurance company or your customers that use this information. To protect your company, you can also find out the security score of your vendors, partners and supply chain.

Know your score so you know where to begin.

Your score is calculated based on the collection, analysis and attribution of millions of critical data points. The result is an unprecedented view of risk across your entire digital ecosystem made up of the following 10 risk factors:
  • Network Security
  • DNS Health
  • Patching Cadence
  • Endpoint Security
  • IP Reputation
  • Web Application Security
  • Cubit Score
  • Hacker Chatter
  • Leaked Credentials
  • Social Engineering
Cincinnati Cyber Security Firm
Cincinnati Cyber Security Firm

Custom-designed solutions from Intrust IT include:

  • Threat detection: Protect your company from cyber criminals and predators
  • Liability assessment: Trust us to find weak spots in your network and fix them
  • Anti-virus strategies: Ensure that you're protected from viruses, spyware and malware
  • User education: Learn best security practices. We train your employees and test them to alleviate vulnerabilities

Why Get Your Free Cyber Security Score


See yourself through a hacker's eyes. Sophisticated and constantly emerging cyber attacks threaten your business every day. And cyber criminals are not kids in hoodies in someone's basement. They are well-funded criminal organizations who see weaknesses as a gold-plated invitation.

With your free cyber security score, you can identify your vulnerabilities and rigorously protect your business. It will help you prioritize your cyber needs and align leadership. Once you have a better cyber security stance, cyber criminals will know they are not welcome here.

cyber guarantee

Cincinnati's Cyber Security Company

The technology and expertise delivered by the team at Intrust IT results in complete and dependable security solutions to shield your business from any and all threats. We serve businesses in Cincinnati, Blue Ash, Hamilton, Clermont, Mason, West Chester and Sharonville. Our solutions in wireless network security take away stress and worry.  


No matter if your organization is in need of computer data security, a powerful network firewall or security management services, our cyber plans can handle it. We also cover wireless network security, virus protection, spyware prevention and internet security. If you are simply looking for security consulting? We can help you assess your cyber threats.


Get Protected Now


The internet is part of every company's daily business. That means you're already vulnerable to numerous cyber threats. Some experts say, the question is not if you will be hacked but when. Time is of the essence: Defend all you've worked for today with our 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed ransomware protection. Plus, keep up to date on our latest articles and videos on cyber threats on our Intrust IT Facebook page. 

The Outsource-Your-Worry Plan

With cyber security services from Intrust IT, you can:
Schedule a time for us to meet (We’ll come to you)
1. Learn about your vulnerabilities with a 360-degree security assessment
Tell us your tech troubles and ambitions
2. Benefit from a comprehensive plan
Partner with Intrust, outsource your worry and get back to your goals
3. Rest easy, knowing your company is protected and backed by a $1 million cyber guarantee
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