POSTPONED: March 18: Join Us for the Cincinnati Open Book Management Users Group

Cincinnati Open Book Users Group Meeting March

Join Us to Learn About Open Book Management

Learn from Co-Op Cincy and others how an Open Book Management system can improve your business on multiple levels.

An Open Book Management system, such as The Great Game of Business, gives every employee not just access to, but understanding of, the finances of the company. Many studies have proven that these systems drastically improve employee engagement and increase profitability.

At this meeting Co-Op Cincy will walk us through how they have modified The Great Game of Business to work in their organization, and they will explain their employee ownership and profit sharing programs. Other members in attendance will also share their experiences.

Cincinnati Open Book Users Group Meeting

The meeting will be at Co-Op Cincy

  • DATE AND TIME: Wed, March 18, 2020, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM EDT
  • LOCATION: 215 E. 14th Street, Room 232, Cincinnati, OH 45202

*Free parking is available in the lot right next door to the building.

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Intrust IT & The Great Game of Business


As part of GGOB, Intrust IT is continuing to develop the financial literacy of our team to help them continue to prosper as owners. As a managed service provider, our understanding our our financials helps us serve our customers even better.

We maintain open books through the GGOB style so our employees can follow the flow of money through the company. The culture at Intrust rests on the camaraderie bolstered by GGOB. Every employee has budget line items to oversee, and the budget discussions during our Tuesday huddles are spirited and in-depth.

How does this team strength benefit you? Because every employee is concerned about efficiency and effectiveness, you can count on Intrust IT to be responsive and thorough. Playing the Great Game of Business has aligned the company more than we dreamed possible.

Our employees feel valued and integral to our company. This feeling carries over to longer employee retention and the ability to hire the best people out there. Our customers benefit from long-standing relationships and top-notch assistance with their IT systems.

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