6 Signs Your IT Plan and Your IT Service Provider Are Out of Sync

IT Service Provider Out of Sync with Your Plan

Feeling like your IT service provider isn't in sync with your IT plan? Technology is the engine for business today, no matter what you make, do or sell. With the importance of technology, having an IT plan is critical; and it should be in sync with your IT service provider. 

6 Signs Your IT Service Provider and Plan Are Out of Sync

How do you know if your IT plan and IT service provider aren’t the best match? Here are six signs: 

  1. You only hear from your IT service provider when you reach out first. And your provider doesn’t  schedule proactive meetings to address your company’s future needs. These meetings should happen annually, at the very least; depending on the size of your organization, quarterly updates may be necessary.  
  2. You don’t know years in advance when you’ll have to replace your company’s technology infrastructure. A good IT plan details the age of your current hardware, when equipment will need to be replaced or upgraded and, most importantly, how much it will all cost.   
  3. You’ve submitted numerous support tickets, but haven’t seen improvement or heard from an account manager about the overall issues. When you have voiced support-level complaints, your IT service provider should be reviewing those tickets and crafting an action plan for remediation.
  4. You’re the one researching new tech solutions and capabilities, instead of hearing about the latest from your IT provider; especially when new solutions relate to security. With so much on your plate, you should be able to offload tech worries onto your IT service provider.  
  5. Security isn’t first and foremost in your tech vendor’s mind and you haven’t been updated on the latest threats. Even worse, your tech vendor hasn’t put solutions in place to counteract those threats. Your company’s cyber protection should be a top priority for your provider.
  6. Your IT service provider feels more like a salesperson than a partner. You’re not sure if things the vendor is trying to sell you align with your needs and are relevant to the growth of your company. Your IT provider should be catering to your company’s needs.

The Right Vendor and the Right Plan

Do any of these signs seem familiar? The right IT service provider team is attuned to your needs, reviews your IT plan regularly and is on the lookout for what’s next, in terms of both innovations and threats. Your IT plan should be designed to evolve with your company as it grows or changes. 

Crafting the most comprehensive IT plan and consistently adapting it to changing circumstances requires hands-on help from a proactive IT service provider. 

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Josh Rees

Josh Rees

Josh Rees, Client Success Manager, has been with Intrust for over 5 years and started as a service technician for a year before moving to his current position. He acts as quarterback for Intrust, making sure that we are all on the same page. In his spare time, Josh is a huge comic book collector.

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