Cincinnati IT Company Crowned Champion Again in Open Book Management International Competition

Great Game of Business All Star Champions 2020

Intrust IT earns its second All-Star Champion Award from the Great Game of Business

CINCINNATI, OH. (September 10, 2020) — During yesterday’s Great Game of Business Conference, managed service provider Intrust IT was awarded the All-Star Champion Award. Competing against 28 companies in the U.S. and abroad, Intrust won the award—for a second year in a row--through its adherence to open book management practices.

The All-Star Champion Award recognizes Intrust’s excellence in implementing the philosophy and sharing best practices with others. “We are honored by this award. For us, helping other companies learn about the Great Game of Business is a privilege,” Intrust IT founder Tim Rettig said. “We are happy to talk with any area companies that want to know more about open book management or any other Great Game practices.”

The Great Game of Business (GGOB) is an open book management philosophy that helps educate employees about the rules of business and rallies them around a common goal. Each year, the organization names All-Star Award winners based on financial results and employee engagement. Through GGOB, employees are empowered as they develop more “skin in the game.” GGOB gives employers and employees the opportunity to win as a team and taps into everyone’s drive to excel.

Intrust IT and the Great Game of Business

Located in Blue Ash, Intrust IT was founded in 1992 and was recently purchased by its employees through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Inspired by the book The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack, Tim Rettig began implementing the radical management strategy at Intrust in 2016.

“The GGOB has made a huge impact on our financials,” Rettig says. “We continue to set new records in both percent and dollar amount of net profit. More important, it truly unites all of our efforts as a team.” An Intrust IT case study can be found on the GGOB website.

Through open book practices, Intrust shares all financial information with its employee-owners. Financial literacy training for all staff is also provided so they understand what the numbers mean. The Great Game of Business defines rules to follow, explains how to keep “score” and gives the entire team a stake in the outcome. The results go beyond work: Employees says they are empowered both at work and at home with their finances.

Launched in 2001, the GGOB All-Star Awards highlight companies on the leading edge of this innovative management practice.

“When I talk about open book management with other business owners, they usually express all kinds of concerns,” Rettig said. “But really, the benefits far outweigh the risks they perceive.”

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