FBI Issues Russian Ransomware Attacks Warning: Is Your Business Protected?

FBI Warns of Russian Ransomware Attacks

Are you in position to protect your business from the threat of ransomware? Intrust, an IT managed services provider, can help you proactively protect your organization from cyber threats including Russian ransomware attacks. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has prompted the U.S. government, along with European officials, to issue sanctions designed to isolate Russia from the Western banking system, cut off some of its natural gas market and punish Russian oligarchs who could have sway with Putin.

What Do Sanctions Against Russia Mean for Your American Business?

Russia has a long history of cyberwarfare, including devastating attacks on Ukraine which shut down their power grid in 2015. Russia was also behind the NotPetya wiper malware that was launched in Ukraine, but “leaked out” to cause an estimated $10 billion in damage worldwide.  U.S. security experts have been sounding the alarm that cyberattacks could be launched as retaliation by either Moscow or sympathetic criminal hackers. Just minutes after President Biden announced new sanctions on Russian banks and elites on Tuesday, a senior FBI official warned U.S. businesses and local governments to be wary of the potential for Russian ransomware attacks and to take precautions as the crisis between the Kremlin and Ukraine deepens.

Can Your Business Be Targeted?

Unfortunately, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often the target of ransomware attacks that disrupt operations and demand increasingly large ransoms. As a new twist, many ransomware attacks now include an extortion element. During the attack, your data is not only encrypted, it’s exfiltrated, and the criminals behind the attack threaten to disclose the stolen data to the public to provide additional incentive to pay the ransom. A recent report from Crowd Strike reveals that data leaks related to ransomware surged 82 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Protect Yourself Against Russian Ransomware Attacks

Sadly while no organization is immune,  SMBs continue to be a ripe target for cyber crime. With the recent invasion of Ukraine led by cyberattacks and more expected, mediocre protection just won’t do. Can you afford significant downtime, the loss of sensitive data, lack of compliance or damaged relationships with key stakeholders or clients? If not, the cyber security services offered by Intrust IT will improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture. Our certified experts use advanced tools to perform internal and external scans to identify and address any security, stability and performance issues in your network environment.

We also have advanced cybersecurity tools, processes and procedures that will harden your environment and make your organization a much more difficult target. Our antivirus/endpoint protection product is so good it comes with a $1 Million Dollar Ransomware Guarantee

Take advantage of our business IT support resources for your Cincinnati area business and download our checklists to help prevent your organization from being a target of Russian ransomware attacks:

Without an up-to-date cybersecurity plan and the proper tools, processes and procedures in place, you could be risking significant downtime, theft and exposure of your data, loss of customer confidence and increasingly costly ransoms or recovery times. Contact us or book an appointment to start protecting your organization with Intrust IT today.
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