Microsoft Users Beware: What You Need To Know About the BazarCall Scam

BazarCall Scam Targets Windows Users

Beware of the BazarCall ransomware scam, an elaborate new scam using a live call center to trick users of Windows PCs into downloading ransomware. Our cyber security consultant Dave Hatter spoke with local news station WKRC last weekend to provide the latest updates.

What Is the BazarCall Scam?

The scam starts with a phishing email alerting you that the “free trial” of an app you downloaded is going to expire soon and your account will start being charged. The email contains a phone number to call for assistance. If and when you call, you reach a live operator at a call center that guides you to a company website: It’s fake. They try to social engineer you into downloading an Excel file from the site and enable macros in the file. If you do, your computer is infected with BazarLoader malware which can download ransomware.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Data From BazarCall?

The hackers claim to encrypt your data, and, if you refuse to pay, they’ll say they stole it and are going to sell it. Whatever you do, don’t pay the ransom. If you are concerned about paying during the free trial of an app, go straight to source. Go “out-of-band” and look up the purported company that claims the trial period is expiring and contact them directly. Do not click any links or call in numbers in the email. 

Alert your team to stay vigilant if they use Windows PCs. Think before you act on an email, even if it seems urgent. And never download a document from an unverified source, it can contain malware or macros that will download malware. You can also count on custom-designed cyber security solutions from Intrust IT for peace of mind.

You can watch Dave’s interview with Sheila Gray to learn more about the latest Microsoft scam.

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