Centrally Monitor Microsoft OneDrive Sync Status

How to Centrally Monitor Microsoft OneDrive Sync Status

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t provided a good way to monitor OneDrive sync status centrally, which is why we’ve kept it at arm’s length for customer solutions.

Without central reporting through Office 365, we have to rely on endpoint monitoring of the sync client itself. The key to accomplishing this is a custom OneDriveLib.dll which interfaces with the OneDrive API and reports on sync status of the locally installed OneDrive client.

For OneDriveLib to work, you must query each OneDrive path within the user profile. It is an open-source project, which can be downloaded here. There is also a post about this on the Microsoft Developer Network.

Using OneDriveLib

So now that we’ve established what OneDriveLib is and what it does, here’s how we use it.

OneDriveLib needs to be on the system being monitored, and can be used within PowerShell by importing it like a module (Install-Module OneDriveLib.dll). From there, running Get-ODstatus –ByPath OneDrivePath will report the sync status of the OneDrive library. The statuses that may be reported are:

  • Error
  • Shared
  • SharedSync
  • UpToDate
  • Syncing
  • ReadOnly
  • NotInstalled

To accomplish this, we push OneDriveLib and a PowerShell script to pull the data that we’re looking for. This script reports the status of the OneDrive for Business (excluding Personal) client, writes a status.log to a temp directory. This status.log then gets pulled into a custom field in Kaseya. If that custom field gets set to Error, then it creates a ticket for our support team to investigate the issue. Any file that fails to sync will put the client into an Error state.

Now that we have a central way to monitor OneDrive sync status, we are more comfortable using Microsoft OneDrive for Business as a solution for our clients.

Here's the PowerShell script we use:

Import-Module "OneDriveLib.dll"

$results = @()

$tresults = New-Object PSObject

$textfile = 'status.log'

$ucontents = Get-ChildItem $env:USERPROFILE | Where-Object {(($_ -like "*OneDrive*") -or ($_ -like "*SharePoint*")) -and (-not ($_ -contains "Unsynced"))}

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