Keeping Your Company and Your Identity Safe Online

Keep Your Identity Safe Online

Intrust’s cybersecurity pro, Dave Hatter, appeared on Local 12 this week to talk about the importance of keeping your identity safe online. Dave explained it’s important to understand that bad guys want your information because, “it makes it possible for them to impersonate you. Whether that’s trying to file for fraudulent credit, trying to get loans in your name of some sort or trying to drain your bank account.” He encouraged internet users to “Stop, think, protect, be a human firewall” when they are asked to provide information online that the source hasn’t asked for before. He said to “stop, think about what they’re asking, and err on the side of protecting your digital identity.” It’s good advice to share with coworkers and employees, too.

Even reputable brands like Walmart can become targets for data breaches so it’s important to be cautious when sharing personal information like your Social Security number or driver's license with any source, regardless of reputation. When cyber crimes are committed, criminals are making “gigantic amounts of money” and they frequently go without consequence because they’re outside the reach of U.S. law enforcement. 

In the case that your information is stolen, Dave said, “it can be really difficult to stop. You probably need to freeze your credit. You probably will need to call your insurance company, and you’ll need to call your bank.”

The bottom line is “bad guys want your information. The more available it is to them, the easier it is to cause problems for you.” Dave told Local 12 the benefits of hiring an identity theft service is that they are constantly on the lookout for misuse of data and potential fraud and “in most cases, they have attorneys that will be available to work with you to help you undo the damage that’s been done.” Get protected now so you don’t lose all your hard work to cyber criminals. 

Dave shares his expertise often: Check out these other Intrust media appearances to learn more.

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