Intrust IT Expands to Provide Cyber Security and Remote Work Solutions

Reliance Technology Solutions

CINCINNATI, Ohio: To provide key services to even more clients, Intrust IT acquired Reliance Technology Solutions on August 1, 2021. The expansion allows Intrust to address growing concerns about cyber security and the ability to set employees up for success when working remotely. 

Based in Mason, Ohio, Reliance was launched in 2004 by Mark & Nicole Haake to provide Cincinnati businesses with affordable, reliable and fully managed IT support. Since then, Reliance has become a market leader, helping small- and medium-sized professional organizations save money and operate more efficiently.

“We are thrilled to bring Reliance into the Intrust fold,”  said Tim Rettig, Intrust IT founder. “This is our third acquisition this year. With our hiring and acquisitions we have increased our employee count by 69 percent already this year.”

Employees play a special role in the company, as Intrust IT is employee-owned and dedicated to providing expert service and the highest quality customer support.

“We are seeing an increase in business due to the need for companies of all sizes to improve their cyber security,” Rettig said. “We are also finding that companies need our services more than ever to keep employees productive and secure when working from home. With this merger, we have increased our capability to meet those needs.”  

Current Reliance employees will join the Intrust IT team at the company’s Blue Ash offices at 9850 Redhill Dr. “As an employee-owned company, Intrust is excited to bring these new staff members on board as part of our award-winning team,” Rettig said. 

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