What Are the Benefits of IT Service Management?

IT service management benefits include:

  • Reduced IT costs (scopes out redundant or obsolete assets).
  • Improved service.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Enabling teams to share knowledge.
  • Reduced risk factors.
  • Help with preventing breaches and planning strategies for natural disaster situations, as well as criminal ones.
  • Reduced downtime when breaches occur.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Adaptation to your needs.

IT service management achieves the above benefits by:

  • Enforcing the right process for your company.
  • Constructing and carrying out IT infrastructure. 
  • Educating your staff about the newly built technology and sticking to the process, as well as re-educating coworkers when circumstances arise.

Aside from the benefits above, using an ITSM  provides solid day-to-day conveniences that better help your business run efficiently and effectively.  

ITSM handles multiple issues, including solving recurring problems (i.e., “this application is stuck again”) and all service requests, whether they are incidents that affect the system (i.e., “my computer is down”), requests for a new piece of equipment (i.e. “I need a new computer”), or implementing a change to the system (i.e., “I need to add/remove/modify the database.”)

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