Risk of Cyber Attacks on Manufacturers

Cyber attacks on manufacturers

A new simulation has revealed weaknesses in “smart” manufacturing, Threat Post recently reported. The simulation created a “honeypot” to attract cyber criminals and show that manufacturers can be ripe targets.

This kind of targeting is one reason we’re excited to take part in a free bootcamp for Cincinnati area manufacturers on February 5, 2020 to prevent cyber attacks on manufacturers.

Today’s Cyber Risks for Manufacturers

Threat Post explains that previously, industrial control systems (ICS) that manufacturers used were closed systems. Now these companies use systems that rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) and are more vulnerable to attack.

For the simulation, Trend Micro researchers created a dummy “smart” factory, complete with a functioning website and list of clients. They purposely left every cyber door open, so to speak, to see who could be lured to the site. They used a common password throughout the fake company, for example. A virtual network computing (VNC) system was left unprotected.

Unfortunately, many of these “open door” practices are used in real life by manufacturers who are not savvy about locking down their IT systems or practices.

Alarming Results

With such a sweet-looking target, attacks on the fake company began within weeks. The good news is that these attacks helped show what’s at stake and how bad actors breach manufacturers’ systems.

If you’re a manufacturer in Cincinnati that would like to learn more about cyber security or your current risks, contact us for a free consultation.

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