Nov 20: NCEO National Center for Employee Ownership Roundtable

Employee Ownership Roundtable for CEOs

Small Group Employee Ownership Roundtable Discussion The business environment is rapidly changing. From the pandemic to the elections, we can help you navigate this new environment. Join us for this timely employee ownership roundtable where we will help answer the following questions: What is the impact on ESOP companies and transactions? How is strategic planning…

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Business Legacy Fund Helps Employees Buy Businesses

Employees Buy Workplaces Through Business Legacy Fund

The American dream has hit an ownership speed bump… The small business owner who built his company over 30+ years wants to retire, but employees are not able to raise the capital to buy the business. Too often, this ends in businesses closing, workers losing jobs and communities losing both. This process has accelerated during…

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It’s Not The End Of The World, Just Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft 2010 Support Ends For Office

The end of support for Microsoft Office 2010 is looming (October 13, 2020) and the end of life for two more products are closing in. The end of support for SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010 in April 2021. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world (or even a big hassle)…

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Know Your RTO & RPO For Disaster Recovery Time

Disaster Recovery Time RTO & RPO

If you are like many small business executives, you don’t know what your RTO or RPO are for your business — at least according to a recent article in Small Business Trends. Learn what these mean for your disaster recovery time and business continuity. What are RTO and RPO? RTO stands for recovery time objective…

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Serial Employee Stock Ownership Plans and Entrepreneurship

employee stock ownership plans podcast banner

Fifty by Fifty, an organization that champions the goal of 50 million employee owners in the U.S. by 2050, recently interviewed Intrust founder Tim Rettig on the Owners at Work podcast. During the interview, Tim discussed his vision of entrepreneurship that involves repeated investing in new companies then moving those companies toward employee stock ownership…

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Do Third-Party Email Apps Spy on You?

Third party email apps spying

Remember the old adage, there’s no such thing as a free lunch? You could change that to “there’s no such thing as free third-party email apps.”  Yes, these email productivity products are free to use, but there is a price to pay. Business Insider recently noted that apps like Edison, Cleanfox and Slice scrape and…

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After COVID: Managing Continued Work from Home

work from home after COVID 19 banner

COVID-19 quarantine may be ending, but many are in no rush to get back to the office. Work from home (or even work from anywhere) may very well become the new norm — or at least a must-have option for attracting quality staff. So, how do you make remote work secure and efficient for your…

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Look Out for Email Scams Targeting Remote Workers

Email scams targeting remote workers banner

You love the short commute and the casual dress code, but don’t get too comfortable: Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the current circumstances with email scams targeting remote workers. It’s easy to see why the dispersed office is so enticing to bad actors.  Imagine this scenario: You’re working in your physical office building and…

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