What is Cyber Security Insurance?


Life, home and auto insurance have been around for decades. Even a gecko can explain what these policies cover. Cyber security insurance, which is relatively new, helps an organization or company recover from a cyber crime. Because it’s not as established, what it covers can vary from insurer to insurer.  When buying cyber security insurance,…

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Intrust Makes a No-Layoff Pledge


It is an unprecedented time for manufacturers across Ohio, the United States and the world.  Many businesses are forced to make – or at least consider – drastic measures to shore up a rapidly changing and eroding economy.   Like nearly every company, the team at Intrust IT has felt the financial impact of COVID-19.…

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Still on the Job for Our Clients

IT provider still on the job for you during the coronavirus pandemic

Like everyone else, Intrust IT is responding to the coronavirus outbreak. We know that your business continuity depends on our business continuity. As of this week, COVID-19 has not impacted Intrust’s operations. In an abundance of caution to keep our operations intact and reduce the spread in our community, we have enacted our business continuity…

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Email Phishing Scam Targets Shark Tank Host

Email phishing scam targets shark tank host

Recently, you may have seen on the news that businesswoman and Shark Tank television show host, Barbara Corcoran, was a victim of an email phishing scam of approximately $380,000. Luckily for her, there was a happy ending: Corcoran’s bank was able to freeze the wire and prove it was a scam before the money was…

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You Can’t Hide Your Company’s High Cyber Security Risk Level Anymore

What's Your Cyber Security Score

Until a few years ago, if your company’s cyber security risk was high, the worst thing that might happen was an annoying computer virus might cause your computer to run slowly until you removed it.  Over the past several years that “worst case scenario” of having a high cyber security risk has changed drastically.  Now…

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How Often Should Small Business Cyber Security Be Checked?

Cyber Security for Small Business 2019

How often should small business cyber security be checked?   At a minimum, most small businesses should be checking it annually.  If your company has compliance requirements, it should be checked quarterly or even more frequently.  If your infrastructure or software changes frequently, is complicated, or if you are a popular target for an attack, like…

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Comparing Business Plans for Office 365 for Your Small Business

Best Office 365 Plans for Small Businesses

It can be difficult to compare business plans for Office 365 for any business. Office 365 helps businesses manage data, share files and improve team collaboration. With the different Office 365 plans available on the market, how can you make sure that your small business will get its money’s worth? Here are some compare business…

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Three Reasons Why Intrust Still Recommends Password Vaults

Best Password Vault Recommendations

In 2015, LastPass announced that its online systems had been compromised and cyber criminals were able to access certain user information. For password vaults, this is big news because LastPass is a very popular vault that many people use to store all of their passwords. LastPass is one of the four solutions that we at…

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring Online

Online Employee Monitoring Pros and Cons

The choice to monitor your employees’ computers is a tricky one. While it may seem unethical to some, it could save you hours of lost productivity or prevent a data breach. Here are some pros and cons of employee monitoring, and some tips to handle it fairly if you decide it’s right for your business.…

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Cyber Security for Small Businesses and Midsize Businesses, Too

Cyber Security for Small Business 2019

Some small- and mid-sized businesses feel that they fly under the cyber-criminal radar. Sadly, the opposite is true. Cyber security for small businesses is more important than ever as they are prime targets of cyber criminals. Given the frequency, complexity and increasing number of threats, a multi-level, agile and cutting-edge cyber security strategy is the…

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