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Intrust IT is a business technology provider headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Family Friendly Router – Skydog

Family Friendly Router – Skydog

Looking for a way to better control and monitor your children's Internet usage? We love Skydog!

Since so many of us at Intrust have kids, we're always searching for the most effective ways to protect them while they surf. One of our team members starting using Skydog and we've found it to be one of the best family friendly routers available.

The Two Fatal Flaws of Azure IaaS

I am very excited about the potential of Microsoft’s Azure Infrastructure as a Service offering. But for now all I am seeing is potential and not something ready for most companies I work with. Azure’s pricing, flexibility and performance is very attractive, but two things hold it back:

Azure currently only supports a single site-to-site VPN. Granted, there are plans to add support for multiple sites in the future, but for now a company can only have a single location connected securely via VPN to their virtual private cloud.

Use a Red Solo Cup to do the Dishes

If you ever break or lose the drain stopper for your disposal you can substitute a red solo cup!

After cleaning up after a recent party we discovered that the drain plug for our disposal was lost. We don’t know if one of our friends is a clepto, or if it was just accidentally thrown away.

Pulse Gives You All the News You Can Use

Pulse Gives You All the News You Can Use

To remain productive, I make sure to keep up with the latest news … but not just related to technology. Ideally, working for a technology company, I would only need to remain aware of the changes and news related to my field. However, as every sector of nearly every market is increasingly becoming “digitalized,” the changes that are occurring in one market will eventually affect my line of business, in one way or another.

Free and Easy-to-Use Tools for Your Computer

A few free, lightweight apps that leave a small footprint on your system's resources but easily outshine and outperform the software that comes standard (or as a bonus) with your brand new machine are Notepad++, 7zip and ImgBurn. Of course this list could go on and on, but I have been using these three apps for a few years now and they always make the list after I rebuild my current machine or upgrade to a new one.

Enabling Account Lock-Out with RADIUS-based Authentication

It’s standard best practice to use RADIUS with wireless to provide a stronger method of authentication, however, sometimes this isn’t always the case.

When using the Network Access Policy role in Windows Server to provide RADIUS services, many people miss the fact that although wireless users may be authenticating against Active Directory (which is great), the standard lock-out policies do not get applied (not so great).

What you need to do is enable Remote Access Account Lockout on the Network Policy Server by setting the appropriate values in the registry.