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Intrust IT is a business technology provider headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Windows Built-In Screen Shot Recorder

In addition to the screen capture tool, Windows 7 and Windows 8 have an automated screen-shot recorder built-in.

Just type “PSR” for “problem step recorder” in the run window, and up pops a 'Steps Recorder' window: then click on 'Start Record'...

It will capture a picture of your screen every time you click on something, and it will even put a green box around whatever you click on.

Re-registering all DLLs on a Windows box

Recently we had a Windows 2003 server that was having all kinds of issues. Most programs would not open when double clicked, there were missing components in programs, and things were just behaving oddly. Example – The Event Viewer would not open, but I could open Computer Management to access the Event Viewer.

Exchange 2010 Anti-Spam Bouncing Postini Deliveries

Intrust Group uses Postini to provide spam-filtering services to our customers. Recently, we have been having some issues where users will try to deliver an email from their Postini quarantine. The email will be reported as “delivered” in Postini, but it never shows up anywhere in the user’s Outlook view, including the inbox, subfolders, junk mail, etc.

Clearing Out the Offline File Cache in Windows 7

I recently worked on a customer’s Windows 7 laptop that was using offline files, which were pointing to a server that was retired a year or so ago. Originally, the laptop’s My Documents were being redirected to a mapped drive on the server. Now, our customer wanted to switch to storing their My Documents on their laptops and backing up with Carbonite.

Microsoft Excel Template Creation Made Easy

One of our customers requested our help in creating a Microsoft Excel template in Office 2003 that would apply to every new workbook they started from their computer. Excel templates need to be stored in the “C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART” folder in Windows XP.

So, I created a book.

Problems Detecting LightScribe CD/DVD Burners

One of our customers has a few computers with LightScribe-enabled DVD burners. We received a call one day because one of these machines could see the burner in Nero and burn a DVD, but it would not recognize the LightScribe function.

I found the LightScribecontrol panel, but it said there were no drives available that supported this feature.