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Stay up to date with the latest cyber crime trends, how cyber criminals are evolving and how to protect your business with cyber security. Learn the latest strategies, processes and tools to keep cyber criminals out and you and your employees in.

Email phishing scam targets shark tank host

Email Phishing Scam Targets Shark Tank Host

By Tim Rettig | March 5, 2020

Recently, you may have seen on the news that businesswoman and Shark Tank television show host, Barbara Corcoran, was a victim of an email phishing scam of approximately $380,000. Luckily…

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Tax Security Tips

Tax Security Tips

By Josh Rees | February 27, 2020

It’s that most wonderful time of the year when we cheerfully pay Uncle Sam what we owe. Unfortunately, not only do we have to deal with the stress of filing…

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NKY Chamber Virtual Lunch Series Webinar Cyber Security

April 3: NKY Chamber Beyond the Box Virtual Lunch Series

By Intrust Man | February 26, 2020

See Dave Hatter speak on the panel at the webinar on cyber security On Friday, April 3rd the NKY Chamber hosted their first Beyond the Box Virtual Lunch Series. Our…

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Venmo Security Issues For Employees

Venmo Security Issues for Employees

By Dave Hatter | February 12, 2020

Say you go out to lunch or happy hour with your co-workers. That nice guy, Gary, from accounting picks up the tab and everyone pays him back through Venmo. Everybody…

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Cyber attacks on manufacturers

Risk of Cyber Attacks on Manufacturers

By Intrust Man | February 3, 2020

A new simulation has revealed weaknesses in “smart” manufacturing, Threat Post recently reported. The simulation created a “honeypot” to attract cyber criminals and show that manufacturers can be ripe targets.…

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your 2020 technology roadmap

Save Money and Time with a Technology Roadmap

By Josh Rees | January 16, 2020

It’s 2020: Do you know how much you’ll spend on tech for your company or organization this year? How about in 2021? 2023?  It doesn’t take a psychic to figure…

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IT Outsourcing Complete Care and Enterprise IT Services

IT Outsourcing Service: Deciding Between Managed and Enterprise IT Services

By Intrust Man | January 8, 2020

IT Outsourcing Service: How to Decide on Support Levels Considering an IT outsourcing service? One important consideration is the level of care you need. Are you looking for a complete…

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As Seen in Reader’s Digest: How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

By Intrust Man | January 2, 2020

Tips for Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi What is a VPN The article shared that if you want to keep your information safe and prevent your devices from being hacked,…

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Cyber Security Tips

5 IT Support Team Members Share their Top Cyber Security Tips

By Intrust Man | December 19, 2019

At Intrust IT, we enjoy sharing what we know to help make our clients and Cincinnati companies more secure. Even with the best and most effective security in place, there…

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What's Your Cyber Security Score

You Can’t Hide Your Company’s High Cyber Security Risk Level Anymore

By Tim Rettig | December 12, 2019

Until a few years ago, if your company’s cyber security risk was high, the worst thing that might happen was an annoying computer virus might cause your computer to run…

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