Best Practices to Prevent Phishing Attacks

No cybersecurity techniques can prevent phishing or other types of cyber attacks if the end user doesn’t know best how to spot and prevent phishing attacks. That’s why training is essential to any cyber security program. Anti-phishing best practices require a combination of technical controls, employee education and incident response. Technical Controls to Protect End…

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What is a zero day attack?

Zero Day Attack

A zero day attack is a cyber attack that takes advantage of an unknown or unpatched vulnerability for the first time. This could mean that the vulnerability is completely new and that no one was aware of it previously. Or, it could mean that the vulnerability was known, but there was no known way to…

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Recent Radio and TV Cyber Security Appearances

Intrust IT Media Coverage

As Seen on TV! Or Heard on the Radio! As part of our goals as a leading cyber security company in Cincinnati, we are on a mission to help educate people about cyber crime. As part of that, we are happy to appear for speaking engagements and on the news programs. Here is where we…

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Intrust IT’s Dave Hatter Speaking at ISACA’s November Chapter Meeting

Dave Hatter of Intrust IT Speaking at ISACA November Chapter Meeting

November Greater Cincinnati ISACA Chapter Meeting Dave Hatter of Intrust IT will be talking on the topic “Cyberinsurance, it’s a jungle out there…” focusing on the current state of this insurance, what’s required, with some real world stories on Tuesday, November 1 at 5:30PM. This event is a Hybrid Event (Online and in-person at Montgomery…

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Best Practices to Avoid File Sharing Dangers

File Sharing Dangers and Best Practices

File sharing has long been a way to socialize with friends and family, especially sharing a photo of a sweet moment or memory. Everyone does it, whether on social media, through cloud platforms like Google photos, by email or even a text message. But sharing can give cyber criminals a key to your data: If…

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Matanbuchus Malware Uses Google Drive Link in Phishing Attack

Matanbuchus Malware Attack Uses Google Drive

Matanbuchus Malware Uses Google Drive Link in Phishing Attack You’ve probably never heard of Matanbuchus malware but you need to know about it and how it is using Google Drive and other legitimate infrastures to worm its way into your network. This cyber security risk first surfaced in February 2021, but recently, a cyber criminal…

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The Shared Responsibility Model & Microsoft 365

Shared Responsibility Model MS 365 Security

The shared responsibility model. You may have heard of it, but do you know what it is or what it means for your business? Before we jump in, there are a few things that you need to understand about your cyber security.  With more and more businesses using cloud services like Microsoft 365 (MS 365),…

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How To Stop Unwanted Emails

How to stop unwanted emails.

We all receive those pesky spam emails that crowd your inbox and make it difficult to organize. They can be newsletters from companies you may have signed up for and no longer want, spam mail, or even phishing emails sent by scammers trying to access your information. No matter the type, you can stop unwanted…

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Prevent Phishing With The SLAM Technique

Improve Phishing Detection With The SLAM Technique

Phishing has become the top method cyber criminals use to attack companies, whether that’s hitting them with ransomware, breaching their databases,  stealing their credentials and more. It is one of the biggest cyber security threats to companies, so it’s crucial they learn methods of phishing detection.  What is Phishing? Phishing is a social engineering tactic…

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